Data Science & Artificial Intelligence for Digitalized Industry & Services

A research and teaching chair at Télécom Paris

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence for Digitalized Industry & Services

is Télécom Paris’s 15th Chair. Established for a five-year period with the help of the Fondation Mines-Télécom and the support of Airbus Defence & Space,  Engie,  Idemia, Safran and Valeo, it is held by Florence d’Alché-Buc, Full Professor at Télécom Paris in the fields of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Its main goals are :

  • Mutualize and enrich industrial and academic experiences,
  • Bring out new innovations,
  • Allow sustainable funding of research activities in AI and Data Science, on methodological topics crucial for applications,
  • Prepare any potential contractual bilateral or multilateral collaborations (CIFRE PhD Thesis, post-docs, expertise, property session),
  • Offer courses that meet the socio-economic challenges.

In 2022, we were there:

But also in 2021:

  • AAAI 2021: 1 paper accepted
  • AISTAT 2021: 4 papers accepted
  • ECML 2021: 1 paper accepted
  • EMNLP 2021: 1 paper accepted
  • ESWC 2021: 2 papers accepted
  • ICASSP 2021: 2 papers accepted
  • ICML 2021: 4 papers accepted
  • NeurIPS 2021: 5 papers accepted

In 2020:

In 2019:

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